Ila’s paper is published in Antiviral Research

December 14, 2020

On Dec 14th, the newly-minted Dr. Ila Nimgaonkar published her final paper as a member of the Ploss Lab, titled “Isocotoin suppresses hepatitis E virus replication through inhibition of heat shock protein 90.” In this study, the authors developed a high-throughput screening platform to identify molecules that can inhibit the life cycle of hepatitis E virus (HEV). The screen identified a compound, isocotoin, that is capable of inhibiting HEV replication by interfering with heat shock protein 90 (HSP90). These findings reveal that HSP90 is a host factor involved in the HEV viral life cycle and that molecules capable of modulating this factor could potentially be used as therapies against HEV. We thank Dr. Hahn Kim from the Princeton University Small Molecule Screening Center and Drs. Isabel Becher, Andre Mateus and Mischa Sawitski from the EMBL for being such wonderful collaborators!