Welcome to our newest postdoc, Aaron!

May 18, 2020

AaronWarm welcome to our newest postdoc, Aaron Lin!

More accurately, we should say “welcome back,” since Princeton University is Aaron’s alma mater! After completing his bachelor’s degree at Princeton (and doing research on protein-protein interactions of HSV-1), Aaron completed his Ph.D. in Virology at Harvard University in the lab of Pardis Sabeti, where he studied the evolution and host-virus interactions of Ebola virus using genomic tools.

Now that he’s back at Princeton, Aaron will do a joint postdoc, splitting his time between the Ploss lab and the Adamson lab.

Says Aaron, “I’m generally interested in how viruses and hosts co-exist and co-evolve and how this shapes molecular mechanisms and disease outcomes over time. I’m very excited to think more about host range and cross-species transmission in the Ploss Lab!”

And we’re very excited to have you join us, Aaron!