Welcome to our newest undergrads!

June 14, 2021

The Ploss lab is excited to welcome SEVEN new undergrads to our ranks!

Already diving in for some summer research are rising seniors Debby Park ‘22, Daniel Beard ‘22, and Mansi Totwani ‘22. It’s been great having their energy in lab and to see how quickly they’re learning the ropes!

Their mentors also have some very nice things to say about them. Stephanie, who’s working with Mansi, says “I’m really enjoying running around with my chickadee and showing her how to become a virus queen!” Yongzhen, who works with Debby, reports that “she is excited after getting her positive cells!” And according to Keith, “Daniel has got some beautiful qPCR results!”

Come September, we’ll also be joined by Maricar Almeda ‘22, Olivia Sakaguchi ‘23, Christine Nguyen ‘23, and Brian Li ’24. See you all soon!

Look at those worker bees getting stuck into their summer research! Lab life feels like it’s gradually getting back to normal!