Skills Sessions

Skills sessions provide hands-on training for those interested in learning more or conducting their own experiments. They are open to all members of the Princeton community, and light refreshments will be provided.

Fall 2018 Skills Sessions

Qualtrics and MTurk

October 22, 4:30-6 

Fisher 200

Presenters: Tanika Raychaudhuri and Elsa Voytas


Conjoint Experiments

November 29, 4:30-6

Fisher 200

Presenters: Andrew Proctor and Alexander Kustov


Spring 2019 Skills Sessions

Adam Berinsky Nuts and Bolts Session

March 7, 9-10:30

JRR 399

Presenter: Adam Berinsky

Session Summary: I will discuss the 10-year journey from the conception of the project as a broad framework for bringing insights from cognitive psychology to political science (as a graduate student at Michigan), through data collection (as an Assistant Professor at Princeton) to its execution as a (twice-rejected) paper that was ultimately published in JOP (as a Professor at MIT). I will also talk about how I would approach the data collection process differently in the current on-line research environment.

Link to paper


Stay tuned for more announcements on Spring Skills Sessions!