Project GuyotLift


Thursday, December 8, 2016, 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Guyot 154

Come hone your 'elevator pitch' with Project GuyotLift!

Having a short explanation of your scientific endeavors and their importance - an 'elevator pitch' - at the ready is important and can come in handy in many situations, including interviewing for jobs both in and out of academia, applying for funding, and speaking with non-experts and the public about your research. This workshop is aimed at helping you develop the skills to give an effective 2-3 minute elevator pitch.

In this workshop, you will present your pitch to three expert judges, who will be on hand to listen and provide you with helpful and constructive feedback. To sweeten the experience, ice cream will also be provided! 

Here are the details:

Project GuyotLift

What: 2-minute scientific speaking workshop, with 3 expert judges (Blair Schoene and Frederik Simons from GEO, Sarah Kapnick from GFDL) to provide feedback

When: Thursday December 8, 2016 from 4-5 pm

Where: Guyot Hall, Room 154