Reading Group





We will have five meetings this semester, location below:

11/21— Romo Rabinowitz Building Room 397
11/28— Romo Rabinowitz Building Room 397
12/5— Romo Rabinowitz Building Room 397
12/12 Wallace Hall Seminar 004
12/19—Romo Rabinowitz Building Room 397
Week 1: Machine Learning and Text


  1. Stewart and Grimmer, "Text as Data: The Promises and Pitfalls of Automatic Content Analysis Methodsof Political Texts."
  2. Voigt, et al.  "Language from police body camera footage shows racial disparities in office respect."
  3. Hobbs. "Pivoted Text Scaling for Open-Ended Survey Responses"
Week 2: Designing Survey Questions
Week 3: Experiments on Networks
Week 4: Estimating Counterfactuals
Week 5: Causal Inference with Panel Data