Past Events

  • The Ethics of Risk and Climate Change

    Fri - Sat, Apr 17 to Apr 18, 8:30am - 3:30pm

    219 Aaron Burr Hall

    About the workshop 
    Climate change generates risks for the population of the Earth, and climate policies seek to manage the risks but are also plagued with uncertain outcomes. This workshop will explore the ethical aspects of dealing with risk for the relevant actors of climate management: scientists, policymakers, economic agents, and citizens through papers presented by economists, philosophers, climate scientists, environmental economists, and political theorists. Discussants include policymakers in the area of climate change.


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  • Climate Change and Water Cycle, and Communicating Uncertainty

    Fri Mar 30 (All day) to Sat Mar 31 (All day)

    Bowl 1, Robertson Hall 

    Princeton University 
    Workshop Agenda

    Climate change has major implications for rainfall and water resources. This workshop will emphasize the communication of uncertainty about hydrology – storms and hurricanes, droughts, changes in annual rainfall and its seasonality, runoff, and river flow. Spatial and temporal variations in the regional hydrocycle dwarf those in regional temperature in terms of their importance for policy-making decisions, and uncertainties in the hydrocycle dwarf uncertainties in temperature in climate modeling.


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  • Princeton Conference on Environmental Politics Research Frontiers in Comparative and International Environmental Politics

    Fri Dec 2 (All day) to Sat Dec 3 (All day)

    Princeton University 

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    Cosponsored by the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance; Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs; Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, and Communicating Uncertainty: Science, Institutions, and Ethics in the Politics of Global Climate Change