From acids to osmZ: multiple factors influence synthesis of the OmpF and OmpC porins in Escherichia coli.

Date Published:

1996 Jun




In Escherichia coli, levels of the two major outer membrane porin proteins, OmpF and OmpC, are regulated in response to a variety of environmental parameters, and numerous factors have been shown to influence porin synthesis. EnvZ and OmpR control porin-gene transcription in response to osmolarity, and the antisense RNA, MicF, influences ompF translation. In contrast to these characterized factors, some of the components reported to influence porin expression have only modest effects and/or act indirectly. For others, potential regulatory roles, although intriguing, remain elusive. Here we review many of the components that have been reported to influence porin expression, address the potential regulatory nature of these components, and discuss how they may contribute to a regulatory network controlling porin synthesis.

Alternate Journal:

Mol. Microbiol.