Outer Membrane Protein Insertion by the β-barrel Assembly Machine


Ricci, Dante P, and Thomas J Silhavy. “Outer Membrane Protein Insertion by the β-barrel Assembly Machine”. EcoSal Plus 82 (2019). Web.

Date Published:

2019 03




Like all outer membrane (OM) constituents, integral OM β-barrel proteins in Gram-negative bacteria are synthesized in the cytoplasm and trafficked to the OM, where they are locally assembled into the growing OM by the ubiquitous β-barrel assembly machine (Bam). While the identities and structures of all essential and accessory Bam components have been determined, the basic mechanism of Bam-assisted OM protein integration remains elusive. Here we review mechanistic analyses of OM β-barrel protein folding and Bam dynamics and summarize recent insights that inform a general model for OM protein recognition and assembly by the Bam complex.



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