Globalization, Americanization and Sarkozy's France


Meunier, Sophie. “Globalization, Americanization and Sarkozy's France”. European Political Science Vol. 9.No. 2 (2010): , Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 213-222. Print.


Globalization and Americanization have often been intertwined and interchanged in the French political discourse. This article explores whether and how the election of Sarkozy, and then of Obama, are transforming this equation. The French obsession with globalization and Americanization was temporarily appeased at the time of the 2007 election, which enabled Sarkozy to come to power. Yet the French rapprochement with the US, at least on economic issues, is not so clear as has often been portrayed. However, the past couple of years have shown that globalization no longer equals Americanization. This should help mitigate the strains put on the Franco-American relationship by the world financial crisis.

Last updated on 07/14/2014