Globalization and Europeanization: A Challenge to French Politics


Meunier, Sophie. “Globalization and Europeanization: A Challenge to French Politics”. French Politics Vol. 22.No. 2 (2004): , Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 125-150. Web.


This article examines how globalization and Europeanization interact with each other, either in a centrifugal or in a centripetal way, to alter French politics. It analyzes how globalization has redefined domestic politics in France and it explores whether Europeanization has accelerated or hindered these transformations. It studies in turn the impact of globalization and Europeanization on power, preferences and institutions — three essential components of a country’s domestic politics. The central argument is that globalization and Europeanization not only have transformed the nature of domestic politics, but are also becoming a new cleavage around which domestic politics are being structured.


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