Mojola is the Principal Investigator of an NIH funded project called HIV after 40 in rural South Africa: Aging in the Context of an HIV/AIDS epidemic. Her team is investigating the causes and consequences of the HIV epidemic among middle aged and older adults as they age in rural post-apartheid South Africa. You can find out more about the project here:

Sample publications:

Mojola, Sanyu A, Nicole Angotti, Enid Schatz and Brian Houle 2021. “A Nowadays Disease”: HIV/AIDS and Social Change in a rural South African community. American Journal of Sociology, November 2021. 127(3), Forthcoming

Mojola, Sanyu A, Nicole Angotti, Danielle Denardo, Enid Schatz and F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé 2020. The End of AIDS?  HIV and the New Landscape of Illness in Rural South Africa. Global Public Health.

Mojola, Sanyu A. and Nicole Angotti [joint first author]. 2019. “Sometimes it is not about men”: Gendered and Generational Discourses of Caregiving HIV transmission in a rural South African community.  Global Public Health.

Mojola, Sanyu A., Jill Williams, Nicole Angotti and F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé. 2015. HIV after 40 in Rural South Africa: A Life Course Approach to HIV Vulnerability among Middle Aged and Older Adults.  Social Science and Medicine 143(October 2015): 204–212.