Direct measurement of the ion atmosphere around DNA and RNA duplexes.

Figure 1. Features of DNA solvation measured by SAXS and ASAXS [2].

Nucleic acids are highly charged, attracting a cloud of ions from the solutions that surround them (illustrated in Fig. 1). Changes in the ion atmosphere are important to consider in protein-DNA interactions and RNA folding. However, the ion atmosphere is difficult to model accurately and a challenge to observe by conventional methods. I first contributed (as co-author) to the development of a new method for counting the number of ions around DNA using anomalous SAXS (ASAXS), where ion-specific contrast is obtained by tuning the X-ray energy near an absorption edge for the ion [1,5]. Later, I developed similar methods sensitive to the spatial distribution of ions and water [2]. ASAXS data has been particularly useful for testing theory. I contributed data to a computational project led by David Case and co-workers (Rutgers) that improved implicit solvent models for accurate X-ray scattering simulation [3]. In addition, I contributed measurements of RNA duplex and pseudoknot structures to validate all-atom molecular dynamics simulations performed by Serdal Kirmizialtin and Ron Elber (UT Austin) [4].

Research Articles


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