Modulated receptor interactions in bacterial transmembrane signaling.


Webre, Daniel J, Peter M Wolanin, and Jeffry B Stock. “Modulated receptor interactions in bacterial transmembrane signaling.”. Trends Cell Biol 14.9 (2004): , 14, 9, 478-82. Web.

Date Published:

2004 Sep




Bacteria can detect and respond to a remarkably diverse set of environmental conditions. This ability enables motile species to integrate stimuli, to compare current surroundings with those of the recent past, and to adjust swimming behavior to move up gradients of attractants and avoid repellents. Many of the molecular details involved in the bacterial chemotaxis system have been elucidated. Several models have been proposed recently to explain how cells process external information through a patch of highly interactive transmembrane receptors and transduce this information to other components in the cytoplasm that, in turn, function to regulate motility.



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Trends Cell Biol.