Large-Area Electronics

Through the deposition of thin-film devices at low temperatures, large-area electronics (LAE) enables the creation of transformational systems with novel form-factors on flexible sheets. Our research involves leveraging the simultaneous ability to form amorphous silicon (a-Si) energy-harvesting devices (photovoltaics), thin-film transistors (TFTs), thin-film diodes (TFDs), and passives (e.g. inductors, capacitors, resistors) in order to create complete self-powered systems for a wide range of embedded applications. 

The group also investigates issues highly relevant to the success of thin-film technologies, such as the stability of thin-film devices, or the encapsulation of devices for flexible electronics.

Silicon Devices and Photovoltaics

Members of the silicon group investigate silicon-based photovoltaics, comprising heterostructures with organics and metal oxides.

The silicon group also explores the growth and interface optimizations of Si/SiGe heterostructures to form two dimensional silicon-based electron gases (2DEGs) for quantum dot applications.

Biological Devices and Systems

The bio group develops microfluidic sorters, bioreactors, and concentration gradient generators to study DNA, stem cells and cancer.