Class Inequality in College

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"College Socialization and the Economic Views of Affluent Americans" PDF


Gender and Deliberation

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The Silent Sex: Gender, Deliberation and Institutions (with Christopher Karpowitz). Princeton University Press (August 2014).            
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Winner of the (2014) APSA Paul Lazarsfeld Award for the best paper in Political Communication and the APSA Best Paper Award in Political Pyschology
Online Appendix

"Why Women's Numbers Elevate Women's Influence, and When They Don't: Rules, Norms and Authority in Political Discussion" (with Christopher Karpowitz and Lauren Mattioli). Politics, Groups and Identities, 2015PDF

"How Group Forces Demonstrate the Malleability of Gendered Behavior" (with Christopher Karpowitz and Lauren Mattioli). Politics, Groups and Identities, 2015PDF
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"Does Descriptive Representation Facilitate Women’s Distinctive Voice?" (with Christopher Karpowitz and Nick Goedert). American Journal of Political Science, 2013.
Winner of the (2013) APSA Paul Lazarsfeld Award for the best paper in Political Communication and the APSA Best Paper Award in Political Psychology
"More Women, But Not Nearly Enough" (with Christopher Karpowitz). New York Times op-ed, 2012. PDF
“Gender Inequality in Deliberative Participation” (with Christopher Karpowitz and Lee Shaker) American Political Science Review, 2012.
Ranked in the top-ten downloaded articles from the APSR in 2013. 
Online Appendix
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Deliberative Politics

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Co-winner of the Robert E. Lane Award for the best book published in political psychology in 2011, awarded by the APSA Political Psychology Section, and of the Best Book Award for best book published in 2011 that either uses or is about experimental research methods in the study of politics, awarded by the APSA Experimental Research Section. PDF
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"The Deliberative Citizen: Theory and Evidence” in Political Decision Making, Deliberation and Participation: Research in Micropolitics, Volume 6, edited by Michael X. Delli Carpini, Leonie Huddy, and Robert Y. Shapiro, JAI Press, 2002. PDF
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“Race and Public Deliberation” (with John Oleske). Political Communication, 2000. PDF

Racial Politics

"The Political Effects of Opioid Addiction Frames" (with Tanika Raychaudhuri and Anne McDonough) PDF Online Appendix

"Jailed While Presumed Innocent: The Demobilizing Effects of Pretrial Incarceration" (with Anne McDonough and Ted Enamorado). PDF.    

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“Individualism Reconsidered: Principles and Prejudice in Contemporary American Public Opinion on Race” (with Donald Kinder) in Racialized Politics: Values, Ideology, and Prejudice in American Public Opinion, edited by David Sears, Jim Sidanius and Lawrence Bobo, University of Chicago Press, 2000. 
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Political Psychology

“Bringing the Group Back Into Political Psychology.” Political Psychology, 2005. PDF
"From the Folk Theory to Symbolic Politics: Toward a More Realistic Understanding of Voter Behavior." Critical Review, 2018 PDF
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