• hopping

    Bacteria in Porous media

    Escherichia coli cells are intermittently and transiently trapped as they navigate the pore space

  • NA

    Soft Matter 3D Printing

    3D printed jellyfish like structures made from soft hydrogels 'swim' in water bath

  • 3D printed encapsulated structure

    Nested Russian doll construct created by 3D printing colloidal suspension inside jammed microgel

  • LLS

    Jammed Microgels as 3D Cell Growth Media

    3D cell growth media made from jammed granular microgels are used to study collective behavior of cells in tissue like construct

  • Drug test

    Combinatorial Assay in Jammed Microgels

    Two different cell trappable dye is delivered to human hepatocyte microtissues from two slow release polymer films

  • Scaling laws for microgel yielding near jamming

    Macroscopic rheological properties of jammed microgel systems are predicted from basic scaling laws of polyelectrolyte physics

My Talk at AIChE Annual Meeting 2020