Alex’s Paper is published in Cell Systems!

March 25, 2020

Congratulations to Alex Goglia on his latest paper titled “A Live-Cell Screen for Altered Erk Dynamics Reveals Principles of Proliferative Control” published in Cell Systems!

The study screens a library of over 400 kinase inhibitors for their effect on Erk signaling activity in primary mouse skin cells. Using a live-cell biosensor of Erk activity, the screen explores how different drug treatments can alter unique features of Erk dynamics over time, placing cells into one of three different dynamic regimes, and further uses optogenetic tools to demonstrate that these different regimes affect the conditions under which cells proliferate. As the first live-cell screen of its kind, this work provides a platform for future large-scale screens examining how drugs or other perturbations alter signaling dynamics, which may hold profound consequences for our understanding of inter-pathway signaling crosstalk, cell fate decision making, and disease treatment.

The entire data set from this study can be accessed here.

Goglia et al

Goglia AG, et al. (2020) Cell Systems