Congratulations to Sarah for her Presentation at TAGC!

April 26, 2020

On April 25th, Sarah McFann gave an oral presentation titled “Optogenetic dissection of signaling crosstalk in the early embryo” at The Allied Genetics Conference (ATGC)! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference proceeded as scheduled (albeit virtually), which allowed Sarah to share her recent work about intracellular Erk dynamics and crosstalk in drosophila embryos.

Says Sarah, "I'm so thankful to the organizers who made the Allied Genetics Conference happen. It was great getting to share my work on signaling crosstalk and dynamics in the fruit fly embryo and being able to hear about research conducted in all sorts of other model organisms--from yeast to mice to wheat."

Sarah_fly embryo
A fly embryo who recently became famous by appearing in Sarah's presentation.