Pav Presents Research at University of Pennsylvania!

October 30, 2019

On October 28th, our former-undergrad-turned-technician-extraordinaire, Pavithran Ravindran, was invited to give a talk as part of the Trainee Seminar Series at the University of Pennsylvania! Pav was hosted by Dr. Arjun Raj from the departments of Bioengineering and Genetics. His talk was titled “Engineering novel combinatorial and dynamic decoders using synthetic immediate-early genes.” After his talk, he got to spend the day with Arjun and members of the Raj lab.

Says Pav, "Getting the opportunity to prepare a presentation about the work that I have done over the years and visit/present at another university was an incredible experience. I really want to thank both members of the Raj lab/Arjun Raj for hosting me and telling me about the amazing science they are doing as well as everyone in the Toettcher lab for helping me prepare for the talk."

Congrats, Pav!

Pav Penn