Undergrads Present Summer Research

August 12, 2019

undergrad poster session
Left to right, Haeun Jung '20, Giselle Uribe '20, Payam Farahani and Qinhao Cao.

This summer, three hardworking undergrads spent ten weeks doing research in the ToettchLab. On August 9th, they each presented their projects at the annual SURP MOL/QCB Poster Session! All three did a great job this summer - visiting student, Qinhao Cao, got working right away with mentor Payam Farahani, and Haeun Jung ’20 and Giselle Uribe ’20 made excellent progress towards their senior theses.

Farewell, Qinhao – it was a pleasure to have you in lab!
Haeun and Giselle – we look forward to working with you again when the semester starts!