Outlines & Resources

In this page, you will find outlines and critical reviews of various pieces of political, legal, and social scholarship. They are far from comprehensive, and their coverage follows no particular logical schema. Nevertheless, they may be of interest to anyone seeking an introduction to certain canonical works of comparative politics, qualitative methods, public law, and the social sciences (or to any graduate student preparing for general examinations!).


I. Comparative Politics


Outline-Ethnic Diversity, Public Goods, and Violence

Outline-States and State Formation

Outline-Collective Action & Contentious Politics

Almond and Verba-The Civic Culture

Almond and Verba-The Civic Culture Revisited

Tilly-Coercion, Capital, and European States

Contentious Politics in Italy (Tarrow 1989; Della Porta 1995; Ginsborg 2003)

Lerner-Passing of Traditional Society & Boix- Democracy and Redistribution

Weber-Peasants into Frenchmen

Goldstone-CHA and Knowledge Accumulation in the Study of Revolutions

Levi-Of Rule and Revenue

Moore-Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy

Putnam-The Beliefs of Politicians

Svolik-The Politics of Authoritarian Rule

Sartori-Concept Misformation in Comparative Politics

Schepsle-Studying Institutions: Lessons from the Rational Choice Approach

Temporality & Contention (Collier & Collier 1991; Beissinger 2002; Sewell 2005)

Mechanisms of Collective Action



II. Comparative Constitutionalism

Carothers-The Rule of Law Revival
Democratization & Judicial Independence
Cooter-The Strategic Constitution

Elkins, Ginsburg, & Melton-The Endurance of National Constitutions
Holmes & Sunstein: The Cost of Rights
Jacobsohn-Constitutional Identity
Elster-Essays on Constitution-Writing
McIlwain-Constitutionalism: Ancient & Modern
North & Weingast-Constitutions & Commitment
Sartori-Constitutionalism: A Preliminary Discussion



III. European Integration

McNamara-Consensus & Constraint

Moravcsik & Nicolaidis-Explaining the Treaty of Amsterdam

Moravcsik vs. Rosato Debate on Power Politics & European Integration

Parsons-A Certain Idea of Europe

Pierson-The Path to European Integration



IV. History of Ideas and Philosophy of Law

Outline-Philosophy of Law

Austin-The Province of Jurisprudence Determined

Dworkin-Law's Empire

Fuller-Hart Debate

Geertz-Local Knowledge

Hart-Dworkin Debate

Hart-Finnis Debate

Hirschman-The Passions and the Interests

Novick-That Noble Dream

Runciman-Pluralism & the Personality of the State

Tocqueville-Democracy in America

Weber-The Protestant Ethic & the Spirit of Capitalism



V. Legal History of the Civil Law Tradition

Merryman & Perez-Perdomo: The Civil Law Tradition
Stein-Roman Law in European History
Zimmerman-Roman Law, Contemporary Law, European Law



VI. American Political Development and Judicial Politics

Outline-Constitutionalism & Judicial Review
Outline-Judicial Politics & Law and Society
Antonin Scalia's Judicial Minimalism: A Reply

Popular Constitutionalism vs. Departmentalism
Carpenter-The Forging of Bureaucratic Autonomy
Chong-Collective Action & the Civil Rights Movementen

Clark and Lauderdale - Locating Supreme Court Opinions in Doctrine Space

Epstein & Knight-The Choices Justices Make

Ferejohn & Shipan-Congressional Influence on Bureaucracy

Frymer-Black and Blue

Gobitis (1940) & Barnette (1943) SCOTUS Case Analysis

McCann-Rights at Work

Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) SCOTUS Case Analysis

Rosenberg-The Hollow Hope

Segal & Spaeth: The SCOTUS and the Attitudinal Model Revisited

Social Grievance & Legality (McCann 1994; Frymer 2008; Teles 2008)



VII. Qualitative Methods

Outline-Case Studies & Process-Tracing
Ahmed & Sil-When Multi-Method Research Subverts Methodological Pluralism

Handout-Millian Methods & Process-Tracing
Lustick-History, Historiography, and Political Science
Structure, Agency, and the Design of Social Inquiry

Weber-The Logic of Historical Explanation



VIII. Law Outlines

EU Case Law Outline (Based on Craig & de Burca 2011)
International Law Outline (Based on Carter & Weiner 2011)

US Constitutional Law Outline (Based on Paulsen et al. 2013)