Land Use and Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions Publications


For a recent talk at a conference on climate smart agriculture in South Africa, click here.  (Please disregard that the conference organizers incorrectly identify me as a doctor.)


Writings on Agriculture, Climate Change and Nitrogen 

Fetzel T. et al., “Massive Uncertainties Hamper the Understanding of Global Livestock Systems,” Global Biogeochemical Cycles 31:1089-1102 (2017)

Lerner, A. et al., “Sustainable Cattle Ranching in Practice:  Moving from Theory to Planning in Colombia’s Livestock Sector,” Environ. Management 60:176-184

Ramirez-Restrepo, C., et al. Estimation of Methane Emissions from Local and Cross-breed Beef Cattle in Da Lak Province of Vietnam, Asian-Australian Journal of Animal Science 30:1054-1060

Searchinger T. et al. (2013), Creating a Sustainable Food Future:  A Menu of Solutions to Feed 9 Billion Plus People in 2050 (WRI, World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, Washington DC) This book length report evaluates the challenge and solutions for meeting food needs while holding down land use change and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, and can be found at (click to download "interim findings").

Searchinger T. et al. (2013), Achieving Replacement Level Fertility:  Installment 3 of Creating a Sustainable Food Future (WRI, Washington DC) (principal author, several contributing authors)

Searchinger T. et al. (2013), The Great Balancing Act:  Installment 1 of Creating a Sustainable Food Future (WRI, Washington DC) (principal author, several contributing authors)

Searchinger T. (2013), Synergies and Trade-offs for Small Farmers and Climate Mitigation (Oxfam, Washington, DC)

 Searchinger T. (2012), The Food Forest and Carbon Challenge (National Wildlife Federation, Washington, DC)

 Searchinger , T. (2011), "Synergies in the Solutions to Africa’s Climate and Food Security Challenges." In Guinan J. (ed), Filling in the Gaps: Critical Linkages in Promoting African Food Security: An Atlantic Basin Perspective (German Marshall Fund, Washington DC) pp. 67-106.

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Searchinger, Synergies and Tradeoffs for Small Farmers and Climate Mitigation (Oxfam 2013) (final).pdf1.92 MB
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