Grand Strategy (WWS 315 / POL 393)
Instructors: Aaron Friedberg and John Ikenberry

In spring 2016, Travis served as lead assistant in instruction for Grand Strategy, an undergraduate course covering the theory and practice of grand strategy from ancient Greece to the 21st century. His teaching activities included leading three discussion sections, handling course administration, and running a grand strategy simulation. Click here to read unedited student comments from his teaching evaluations.

Politics of Public Policy (WWS 501)
Instructors: Andrew Moravcsik and Laura de Olden

In fall 2015 and 2016, Travis served as teaching aide for Politics of Public Policy, a master’s course covering the concepts and skills required to influence the modern policymaking process. His main teaching activity involved helping design and run a week-long crisis simulation as the course’s capstone project. He also graded weekly policy memos and qualifying exams.


Center for International Security Studies (CISS)
Directors: Aaron Friedberg and John Ikenberry

From 2014 to 2016, Travis served as director of the Strategic Education Initiative at Princeton's Center for International Security Studies. His leadership responsibilities included managing 15 student fellows, overseeing $125,000 in annual expenses, and accommodating high-level visitors. During his tenure, CISS organized over 70 events, including military staff rides to Normandy and Gettysburg and policy simulations involving West Point, the Naval Academy, and the Marine Corps Command and Staff College. Under his leadership, per-event attendance increased by 12 percent.