Patricia Aguiar

Alumna: Undergraduate student 2018 - 2019
Patricia was an undergraduate student doing research in the Wang lab in 2018 - 2019.
Ben Deverett

Ben Deverett

Alumnus; M.D./Ph.D. Student until 2019

Ben studied cerebellar roles in decision-making and working memory using an evidence accumulation paradigm. His work includes two-photon calcium imaging, optogenetic manipulations, and behavior modeling.

Tom Pisano

Thomas J. Pisano

Alumnus: M.D./Ph.D. Student until 2019
NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Fellow

Tom Pisano is an M.D./Ph.D. student and a NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Fellow in the Wang Lab. His research concerns the long distance connectivity of the posterior cerebellum. His research uses a combination of viral tracers, computational neuroanatomy, machine learning and whole brain clearing techniques to look at the topographical organization of cerebellar connections to the rest of the brain. His interests include cerebello-thalamo-cortical connections and the cerebellum's contribution to non-motor behavior.