Graduate Students

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Yuhang Chen

Yuhang Chen is a graduate student in the Quantitative and Computational Biology program. His interests lie in the interface of neuroscience and biophysics. He is currently studying the cerebellar contributions to spontaneous behaviors by modeling the motions of freely moving mice using technologies in computer vision and machine learning.

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Fred d'Oleire Uquillas

Fred is a graduate student in the department of Neuroscience, coadvised by Drs. Jesse Gomez and Samuel S.-H. Wang. Prior to coming to Princeton, he worked with the Harvard Aging Brain Study on neuroimaging markers of age-related processes and their effect on large-scale brain networks. Fred’s research at Princeton investigates the lifespan development of cerebellar-neocortical networks. His work is funded by the National Science Foundation (GRFP) and Ford Foundation, National Academies of Sciences Predoctoral Fellowship. His research contributions have been featured in various media outlets including CNN, Forbes, ABC, and the L.A. Times.