Implications of Mexican Health Care Reform on the Health Coverage of Nonmigrants and Returning Migrants


To assess health coverage among Mexicans with US migration experience, before and after the implementation of Mexico’s universal health care program, Seguro Popular.

I used data from the 2000 and 2010 Mexican Censuses to generate nationally representative estimates of health coverage among working-age Mexicans by migrant status.

In 2000, before the implementation of Seguro Popular, 56%ofMexicans aged 15 to 60 years with no recent US migrations were uninsured compared with 80% of recently returned migrants. By 2010, the proportion uninsured declined from 56% to 35%(–38%) among nonmigrants and from 80% to 54% (–33%) among return migrants.

Seguro Popular has increased health coverage among Mexican return migrants, but they remain substantially underinsured. A creative and multifaceted approach likely will be needed to address Mexican immigrants’ health care needs.

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Last updated on 06/25/2019