Stoichiometry Controls the Dynamics of Liquid Condensates of Associative Proteins


Ronceray, P., et al. “Stoichiometry Controls the Dynamics of Liquid Condensates of Associative Proteins”. Phys Rev Lett 128 (2022): , 128, 038102. Print.



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Jan 21

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Multivalent associative proteins with strong complementary interactions play a crucial role in phase separation of intracellular liquid condensates. We study the internal dynamics of such "bond-network" condensates comprising two complementary proteins via scaling analysis and molecular dynamics. We find that when stoichiometry is balanced, relaxation slows down dramatically due to a scarcity of alternative binding partners following bond breakage. This microscopic slow-down strongly affects the bulk diffusivity, viscosity, and mixing, which provides a means to experimentally test this prediction.


1079-7114Ronceray, PierreZhang, YaojunLiu, XichongWingreen, Ned SJournal ArticleUnited States2022/02/05Phys Rev Lett. 2022 Jan 21;128(3):038102. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.128.038102.

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