I am currently a doctoral candidate at Princeton University, where I completed a Master of Arts degree in 2015. I came to the United States from Australia in 2011 as the UNESCO Fellow at the University of Connecticut. I completed a Master of Arts in History, with distinction, in 2013. I have a Bachelor of Arts and an Honours degree (each with distinction) from Rhodes University and studied towards a Master of Science degree at Bangalore University on a Government of India scholarship (a degree I did not complete due to a medical crisis at home).

I have spent most of my professional life in South Africa, where I worked as the Director and Program Manager of the Ministry of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, under South African Presidents Mandela and then Mbeki. I was the ghost-writer and researcher for Memoirs by Ahmed Kathrada, Nelson Mandela’s Parliamentary Counsellor (re-published as No Bread for Mandela in the US).

I follow the path of Dzogchen. I value compassion, Yoga, hiking, cycling, travel, Borges, photography, and cultivating a peaceful mind and happy home with my two sons.

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