Protein concentrations in Xenopus egg

Below are files associated with our paper "Deep Proteomics of the Xenopus laevis Egg using an mRNA-derived Reference Database". When we published the paper, we used an mRNA based reference database (PHROG) to search the MS-spectra. Since then, the genome annotation of X. laevis has improved substantially. Below, please see the mass spectra re-ananalyzed with the protein fasta file derived from the X. laevis genome (v9.2). Please contact Chirag Kumar with questions or comments. Here is a link to Chirag's code to estimate absolute protein abundances from the proteomics results: .
xenopusproteinconcentrationestimatesgroupedbygene.xlsx357 KB
xenopusproteinconcentrationestimates.xlsx4.66 MB
xenopus-v9p2_humangenes-map.xlsx9.33 MB
xenla_9.2_xenbase_pep.fasta_.txt21.97 MB
xenopus-v9p2-proteins_02-26-2021-area.csv38.26 MB
210113_xenla_v9p2_humangn.xlsx27.62 MB