Zhang Lab News

July 2018

Eunah Han, 1st year Geosciences grad student, and Ashley Maloney, postdoc, travel to learn how to build and use chemostats in Sebastian Kopf's lab at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Fun science results!


June 2018

Lab group BBQ to welcome summer intern Rei Zhang and Ethan, the newest member of the Darnajoux family. 
Zhang Group June 2018

April 2018

Group members present their work at the Northeastern Geobiology Conference in Woods Hole, MA, enjoy seafood, and the beautiful salt marsh. 

Zhang Group April

March - April 2018

Ashley joined Bess Ward's cruise to the Eastern Tropical North Pacific to filter thousands of liters of seawater!

February 2018

Welcome to new Hess postdoctoral fellow, Ashley Maloney, who joins us from UW-Seattle. Ashley will be exploring lipid H isotopes in marine microbes and in eukaryotic yeasts.

December 2017

Welcome back to Shannon Haynes who returns to Princeton after completing an IODP cruise.

November 2017

Welcome to Jared Wilmoth who joins us from ORNL as a postdoctoral researcher working on methane cycling in wetlands.

October 2017

New skills discovered while pumpkin carving with Ward group members!



October 2017 Prof. Zhang Termite Video

How Termites Use Microbes To Eat Wood

Microbial Biogeochemist Prof. Xinning Zhang talks with science journalist, Ed Yong, about how microscopic organisms in the digestive tracts of termites help these particular insects digest the indigestible nature of wood. (Video)