China’s rise as a major contributor to scienceand technology


Xie, Yu, Chunni Zhang, and Qing Lai. “China’s rise as a major contributor to scienceand technology”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111.26 (2014): , 111, 26, 9437–9442. Print.
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New data reveal that in the past three decades, China has become a major contributor to science and technology. Four factors favor China’s continuing rise in science: a large population and human capital base, a labor market favoring academic meritocracy, a large diaspora of Chinese-origin scientists, and a centralized government willing to invest in science. These factors may serve as an example to other nations aspiring to advance their standing in science. However, China’s science also faces potential difficulties due to political interference and scientific fraud.

Last updated on 10/21/2015