Alumni Zakian Lab

Alumni Zakian Lab

Shelly Lim

Lindsey Williams

Jennifer Stundon Student, Medical School

Matthew Bochman Faculty, Indiana University

Yun Wu Scientist, Protein Potential LLC

Nasim Sabouri Faculty, Umea University

Katrin Paeschke Faculty, University of Wuerzburg

Jean McGee Dermatology Resident, Boston Medical Center

Karin Rainey McDonald Caregiver

Marina Paul Senior Medical Editor, Elsevier

Jane Phillips Associate Medical Director, Complete Healthcare Communications

Creighton Tuzon Research Associate, University of Southern California

Xi Ai Associate Principle Scientist, Merck Research Labs

Sarah Aubert Researcher, Janssen R&D

Anna Azvolinsky Science Journalist, New York City

Iris Cheung Business Development Manager, Dalton Pharma Services

Stefan Pinter Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School

Michelle Mondoux Faculty, College of the Holy Cross

Kathy Daumer Systems Engineer, AT&T Government Solutions

Lara Goudsouzian Faculty, community college

Stephen Dunaway Faculty, Drew University

Michelle Sabourin Staff Scientist, Life Technologies

Ben Wardleworth updating

Jean-Baptiste Boulé Faculty, National Museum of Natural History, Paris

Timothy Fisher Strategic Licensing & Acquisitions Lead-Oncology, Merck Research Labs

Maria Mateyak Research Teaching Specialist, UMDNJ

Jessica Bessler Associate Scientific Director, Health Interactions

Jorge Torres Faculty, UCLA

Mary Kate Alexander Senior Research Associate, Genentech

Wai-Hong Tham Laboratory Head, Walter and Eliza Hall Inst of Medical Research

Leticia Vega Faculty, Barry University

Bala Balakumaran Research Scientist, Duke Medical Center

Brian Lenzmeier Faculty, Buena Vista University

Yasumasa Tsukamoto Faculty, Iwate College of Nursing

Andreas Ivessa Faculty, UMDNJ

Shu-Chun Teng Faculty, National Taiwan University

Jin-Qiu Zhou Faculty, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Andy Taggart Senior Investigator, Novartis

Haiyan Qi Wuxi Hegu Pharmaceuticals, China

Charles Epstein Team Leader, Epigenomics, Broad Institute

Catherine Freudenreich Faculty, Tufts University

Derik de Bruin Dir, Global Equity Research, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

Robert Corell Faculty, Princeton High School

Brenda Bourns Lecturer, Seattle University

Emily Wiley Faculty, Claremont College

Ellen Monson Senior Vice President, Bexion Pharmaceuticals

Jing-Jer Lin Prof, Chair, Biochemistry/ Mol Biol, Nat'l Taiwan U College of Medicine

Vincent Schulz Assoc Research Scientist, Yale School of Medicine

Jeffrey Stavenhagen Head of Biologics, Lundbeck A/S

Lisa Sandell Faculty, University of Louisville

Ann Pluta Scientific Communications Editor, NCI

Jocelyn Wright Freelance Science Writer,

Sy-Shi Wang Executive Director, Clinical Operations, Acucela

Raymund Wellinger Faculty, Universite de Sherbrooke

Kurt W. Runge Faculty, Cleveland Clinic

Dan Gottschling Principal Investigator, FHCRC

Rosemary Sweeney Senior Counsel, Amgen

Michael N. Conrad Research Assoc Member, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Ginger M. Dani VP, Operations, DiagXotics

Guenther Roth Faculty, Institut fur Genetik, Freie Universitat Berlin (retired)