Telomere proteins: specific recognition and protection of the natural termini of Oxytricha macronuclear DNA.

Date Published:

1986 Oct 24




The macronuclear DNA in the ciliated protozoan O. nova consists of integral of 10(7) gene-sized DNA molecules, all of which terminate with 20 bp of C4A4 repeats followed by a 3' (G4T4)2 single-stranded tail. Two immunologically distinct proteins of 55 and 26 kd, which are tenaciously, but noncovalently associated with Oxytricha macronuclear DNA termini, have been purified. These proteins protect DNA termini from degradation by the exonuclease Bal31. They also facilitate retention of natural and synthetic telomeric DNAs onto nitrocellulose. The Oxytricha proteins are not simply C4A4-binding proteins. Rather, their efficient binding requires both the 3' single-stranded (G4T4)2 tail and the adjacent duplex region. Thus, these proteins require both the sequence and the structure of natural DNA termini for efficient binding. As such they represent the first described example of telomeric-specific proteins.

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